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Switch owners could just send in their Joy-Cons. The reports of drift extend beyond the video you see above, with multiple tweets appearing along with videos demonstrating the drift happening.

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A discussion on Reddit explains that the drift problem is inevitable due to the way in which Nintendo designed the analog sticks to function. Input is registered by two v-shaped needles passing over graphene contact strips, which register an x and y co-ordinate.

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The repeated dragging of the needles across the strips causes them to degrade and you eventually get inaccurate input and drift. The fact this is happening just days after launch suggests the quality of the strips is far below the standard required for a handheld that can be used for hours every day and is expected to be fully-functional for years to come. If drift is caused by the quality of the materials used in the Switch Lite, then this is going to be an expensive problem for Nintendo to fix.

Not only will it need to carry out repairs on every faulty Lite for free, but it will need to rethink the design of the Switch Lite to include more durable analog stick components. Prior to joining the team, he spent 14 years writing and editing content on our sister site Geek. In fact, every current flowing through the conductor is termed as the drift current.

When the charged particles move around in a conductor, their motion is not in a straight line because of their collision with other particles in the conductor. Therefore, the average speed of the particle in the conductor is taken into consideration. This is termed as the drift velocity.

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Formula for calculating drift velocity of electron in a conductor of constant cross-sectional area is given by. So, the above formula of drift velocity clearly illustrates that if any of the three quantities out of the four in the formula are given, the missing quantity can be found out easily. Hence, the drift velocity of electrons in a particular piece of metal exhibiting a current of 0.

If we consider a small time interval?

The volume of this specific portion of area is given by Av? There are a number of free electrons in this portion amounting to nAv?

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Moreover, if the charge carriers in motion are positive and not negative then the field force acting on the carriers would be in accordance with the direction of electric fields and hence, the drift velocity would be from left to right. There is also a relation between the current density and the drift velocity which is described by the equation. All the areas like the drift velocity formula along with the example for drift velocity have also been included in the content.

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