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So, surprise! A leap year occurs every fourth year, but only with some small caveats.

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So, when we celebrated the new millennium in ? Leap year. Our next century-mark, , will not have that bonus day. However, if you only have a birthday every four years, you are eligible for the Honor Society of Leap Day Babies — with 10, members across the globe. You may have seen the cute romantic-comedy Leap Year with Amy Adams, right? Although the origin story is still widely debated, St. Brigid is said to have protested to St.


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Patrick back in the 5th century that women should not have to wait so long for men to pop the question — so the old man set aside one day every four years that ladies could propose to men. In the UK, some jewelers and retailers even dole out discounts for women who are planning to observe tradition. Bad luck, eh?


Some think the 29th ushers it in. This has prompted a legit campaign to make February 29th a bank holiday. It only makes sense, right? Suppose time functions slightly different in Middle Earth? Concocted by a London bartender in , the Leap Day Cocktail is supposed to usher in more proposals than any other drink you could possibly mix. View All Slides.

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Featured Products. Amazon Coupon Codes. Sears Coupon Codes. Kmart Coupon Codes. What's the deal with leap years?

How to Eat Free at Hard Rock Cafe on February 29

Story highlights Leap day is an extra day added to the end of February every four years There are about almost 5 million leap day babies in the world The chances of being born on leap day are one in 1, This year, the retired gay-rights activist and author will celebrate his birthday, something he does only every four years.

Goodkin is one of almost 5 million leap year babies in the world, and like any quadrennial event, his birthday isn't just another day — it's a production. I do it every four years and I do it with a bang. Goodkin was born on February 29, Since his first leap year birthday, which was documented in full detail by the local newspaper, Goodkin and his family have made it a point to go hard on the party planning.

If Goodkin's excitement seems overstated then you're not a leap year baby.

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Every four years, an extra day is added to the Gregorian calendar to synchronize it with the solar year. In a leap year, the extra day is added at the end of February , giving it 29 days instead of The extra day is called a leap day, or an intercalary day. The chances of being born on this day are one in 1, Daisy Ward.

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Ward's family is marking her 25th leap year birthday with a weekend-long celebration in which she'll be honored by city officials, see a gospel performance led by recording artist Dottie Peoples and attend an all-white gala, where she'll be presented with the Centennial Certificate issued by President Barack Obama. I've got to make the ," Big Daisy told her family. She hasn't been shy about making a big deal out of her milestone. Speaking to CNN through her son Clinton Ward, Daisy, who resides in an assisted living facility, "was excited about it and every time we'd come to [visit her] she'd think it was the day," he said.

leap year food coupons Leap year food coupons
leap year food coupons Leap year food coupons
leap year food coupons Leap year food coupons
leap year food coupons Leap year food coupons
leap year food coupons Leap year food coupons
leap year food coupons Leap year food coupons
leap year food coupons Leap year food coupons

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