Nra lifetime membership deals 2019

Local politicians hear NRA and often close their minds. A lot of my friends have resigned from the NRA for that very reason. They have done some really helpful things for us but this constant money grab has gotten really old. I object to paying for a school system that attacks the Constitution and US history. What have you done?

I agree with Will that they do always ask for more money, and flood my mailbox with oversized crap, something along the ilk of PCH! Then they will never send you another request… right?

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Not worth the money plus they constantly ask for more and more money!! I have t agree! They pick and chose little fights, and refuse to fight the really big fights. The NRA lobbies congress when they should be fighting them in the courts!


I belong to a very nice gun club in Central Maine. Please Login to comment. Most reacted comment. Successful legislative action begins with you — the individual member. For information regarding legislative action or to become an ILA grassroots volunteer, call If you have questions about your NRA membership, please send e-mail to membership nrahq. Contributions, gifts or membership dues made or paid to the National Rifle Association of America are not refundable or transferable and are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes.

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Join the NRA! The NRA is you — its members… millions of Americans representing a diverse contrast of age, sex, race and religion. Since its incorporation in , the NRA has grown as a service organization involved in all aspects of the shooting sports and a proud defender of the Bill of Rights. To say we dodged a crisis on gun rights during the last Presidential election is putting it mildly. And with an open Supreme Court spot, with potentially 2 more spots in the next years, the battle for liberty is actually at a fever pitch right now.

Though we had a serious of very good Supreme Court rulings on personal gun liberties in the last decade, the votes were with the minority loudly vocalizing their claim that firearm ownership is NOT an individual right. Im a gulf war era Vet. I have been chewing on joining for years but it wasnt until our country foolishly elected a sweet talking muslim that I began seriously considering joining.

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Of course thats no excuse for waiting till , but financial priorities interfered. With the leftist attacks and Sal Alinskys socialist program being exposed, It became even more clear that I should protect the very rights I grew up with but didnt understand then, the importance. So I would like to join, Im just seeking information about veteran programs that might be available. Sorry for the slow response — the offer is still good through the end of February. Not a problem at all. I got a free 1 year membership with a Taurus I purchased, but just renewed into the lifetime member because of this.

I appreciate you supporting the NRA and for sharing this information with us. I encourage everyone to join the NRA! Look at everything that is going on and you should see that Republicans are not completely reliable at defending our rights. We need the NRA and they need us. Glad to hear you joined in as a lifetime member. Make sure you vote in the upcoming board of directors elections. What ever happened to the It looks like your best bet for a lifetime membership would be to save that money each month and then sign up when the deal comes back around.

The current deal expires in March, but I hope to see more down the road.

It would save you quite a bit of money and get you voting rights immediately instead of more years down the road. Problem is I have been bleeding cash on repairs to the truck and the house old pipes suck. In addition to the magazine, etc. I find the primary benefit to be in voting for the board of directors. There are some people on the board that need to go, and being a life member ensures you get to have a say in the direction of the organization.

This is not an endorsement of Adam Kraut, but he put together an eye opening look at the attendance records for all of the current directors on the board. Based on this alone many of these folks need to go.

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I literally just got an e-mail from the NRA. They have extended the deal through March 15, I hope this helps. I will get this set up this week then. I need to include my wife and children in this. Does that throw a spin on this discount plan then? Everyone is eligible for the discount. Maybe we can protect the others without them? That said, the only way to change it is to be a voting member. If you are, make sure you get your ballot in on time! I just heard First bank of omaha is cutting its NRA credit cards. I just went life time membership and they paid for it. They can pound sand on payments.

Just joined as Lifetime member. Enough of the NRA bashing. Just upped my membership from annual to lifetime. My patience is rapidly reaching its end. Is that an older incentive the NRA used to offer? Why would I block you Dan? Your comments with links were held for manual approval due to spammers.

I hope you can appreciate that. Regarding the other person, they used a fake e-mail and defamatory language. As it states at the top of the article, I am a NRA recruiter. The NRA is offering a special deal for lifetime memberships through its recruiters.

Nra lifetime membership deals 2019
Nra lifetime membership deals 2019
Nra lifetime membership deals 2019
Nra lifetime membership deals 2019
Nra lifetime membership deals 2019

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